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The cooler weather of autumn is finally coming to Castlemaine and we have all enjoyed a rest over Easter following Threadbear’s Applique Group Exhibition in March. Thank you to all who travelled from far and wide to come to Castlemaine to see the stunning appliqué quilts made by the gorgeous members of this Group.

Here are some of our newest fabrics ~ Vintage Miniature & Lizzie’s Legacy with many more to come. For all the details see our April newsletter.

As always, our favourite fabrics are those reproduced from quilts of the 1800s, so we specialise in collections from that era. We continue to design quilts in the style of the nineteenth century so many of our original designs are unique to Threadbear.

We hope you enjoy your browse through our pages here and will visit us often on-line and in person as we bring you the newest and latest in patchwork and quilting.

Phone or email us for assistance.

Corliss, Megan, Zanny, Kurt & Sam

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