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March 2014 Newsletter

As we write this, it is full steam ahead for the Castlemaine Appliqué Group’s Inaugural Exhibition. We are excited to hear that girls are coming from all over Australia to join us on March 15th & 16th. If you haven’t already planned to intend, I hope you will consider it now.  Click here to read the full newsletter.

February Newsletter 2014

Is it too late to say ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ I don’t think so. Although we’ve been back on deck since Jan. 4th, this is our first newsletter for this brand new year. And already this year is set to be another that just rushes by ~ all the more reason to make the most of each and every day.       Read the full newsletter here.

December 2013 Newsletter

Just as well we have created new space as we have so much new & gorgeous fabric for you. Just in are: Civil War ~ Peace & Unity; Bordeaux & Sienna, County Londonberry; American Gothic; Little Big Quilts; Hope Chest Prints; Dutch Heritage Gujarat; Joile Toile.

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October Newsletter 2013

We are just so fortunate to be surrounded by many gorgeous women. We filled our local church hall on October 5th with like minded girls who came together to share their passion for appliqué and patchwork. The hall was filled with laughter and fond greetings as friends from across the state greeted one another. Those who don’t stitch have no idea of the friendship & support they are missing!  To read the full newsletter:  click here

July 2013 Newsletter

Did you miss us in June? We were so busy, we didn’t get a newsletter out to you. The good news is that we did get our quilts finished for the Melbourne Show and soon to be added to our website. In the meantime, we have had boxes and boxes and more boxes of fabric delivered.

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